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Chebyshev Tensors in C++ and Python
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You can now use our Library

Our library is now availble for download

What you get...

It delivers a lot of Chebyshev functionality in a software library, for easy integration into your risk engine should you wish so

It is available in Python and C++, for Windows and Linux

What you can do with it is...

  • Create approximation objects based on Chebyshev Tensors
    * Based on any function that you define
    * In any dimension
  • Calculate the partial derivatives of the function
    * in one or crossed-variables
    * with any order of derivative
  • Do splines of Chebyshev Tensors
  • Serialise the Chebysev Tensors, and re-load them later
  • Tensor Extension Algorithms (coming soon)

What you should know...

  • The library may work only for a limited period (e.g. 3 months), after which you may be able to download the library again
  • It was originally developed in C, with wrappers for C++ and Python
  • Extra functionality was added then in Python (e.g. Tensor Extension Algorithms)
  • The source code may only be available subject to request
  • If you want your own version of the library, we may be able to help you develop it in your system.
  • Contact us if you have any questions






Manuals included in the download
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