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Chebyshev Tensors in C++ and Python
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You can now use our Library

Our library is now availble for free download, without any time limitation. You also get the all the source code.

What you get...

It delivers the functionality you need to build and operate with Chebyshev Tensors, for your personal or employer perusal.

The package has two main libraries.

  • The MoCaX library, available in Python and C++, provides functionality for full Chebyshev Tensors
  • The MoCaX Extend library, available in Python, gives functionality for Chebyshev Tensors in TT-format

All the libraries work on Windows and Linux

All source code is included in the package


What you can do with it is...

  • Create approximation objects based on Chebyshev Tensors
    * Based on any function that you define
    * In any dimension
  • Calculate the partial derivatives of the function
    * in one or crossed-variables
    * with any order of derivative
  • Do splines of Chebyshev Tensors
  • Serialise the Chebysev Tensors, and re-load them later
  • Build and operate with Chebyshev Tensors in TT format
  • Calibrate the Chebyshev Tensors with Tensor Extension Algorithms (e.g. Rank Addaptive Algorithm)
  • Do Sliders of Chebyshev Tensors

What you should know...

  • The library has no time limitation of use.
  • Some parts were originally developed in C, with wrappers for C++ and Python. The source code is included in the download
  • You can find a quick start guide for the libraries in the Software chapter of this book. The libraries documentations provide a detailed guide
  • The source code is included in the download
  • Contact us if you have any questions






Quick start guide in this book
Detalied manuals included in the download
Contact us here for questions

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