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Would you like to see, with your own eyes, the power of Chebyshev Spectral Decomposition?

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What you get...

We deliver all Chebyshev functionality in a software library, for easy integration into your risk engine.

It is available in Python and C++, for Windows and Linux

You will easily...

  • Create approximation objects based on Chebyshev Spectral Decomposition
    * Based on any function that you define
    * In any dimension
  • Calculate the partial derivatives of the function
    * in one or crossed-variables
    * with any order of derivative
  • Do splines of Chebyshev’s
  • Save the MoCaX “Chebyshev” Objects, and re-load them later

You can integrate it into your risk engine to...

  • Accelerate your risk calculation orders of magnitude
  • Substantially decrease your hardware requirements
  • Compute “impossible” numbers ( Including Nested Monte Carlo calculations and dynamic sensitivities in Monte Carlo engines for Initial Margin and Capital simulation)

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