This product has been developed by a team of world experts in Risk Analytics, Mathematics and High-performance Software

Ignacio Ruiz and his team have combined cutting-edge research in maths and software optimisation techniques with risk analytics, to deliver a very special solution

This technology has been developed by Ignacio Ruiz, a world leading expert in the field of risk analytics.

He has been the head strategist for Counterparty Credit Risk, exposure measurement, for Credit Suisse, as well as the Head of Risk Methodology, equities, for BNP Paribas. In 2010, Ignacio set up iRuiz Consulting as an independent advisory business in this field. In 2014, Ignacio founded iRuiz Technologies to develop and commercialise MoCaX Intelligence.

Ignacio has several publications in the space of quantitative risk management and pricing. He has also published a comprehensive guide to the subject of XVA Desks and Risk Management.

He holds a PhD in nano-physics from Cambridge University.